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Invoice and payment queries

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Buying, renewing, transferring and managing domain names

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Creating email accounts, accessing emails, webmail, email forwarding, auto-responders, managing junk mail & more

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Hosting services, using your hosting Control Panel, checking system status

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Remote screen sharing to resolve an issue or provide training. Here's how ...

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Questions relating to the design and maintenance of your website

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General questions about accessing & using your website, including visitor reports

Most Popular Articles

 How do I set up my emails in Outlook?

Outlook has changed considerably with each release. We do not recommend using versions before Outlook 2007 to use IMAP emails. This Microsoft article covers setting up email accounts in Outlook versions 2007 through to 2016. Follow the...

 How do I obtain a .uk domain name?

.uk domain names were introduced in 2014 as a new 'Top level' country specific domain. Until then, most UK companies registered a name and possibly also a .com domain. If you already hold a domain then the .uk equivalent...

 How do I change the contact details on my .com and domain names?

Changing the contact details for a domain that you have registered with SiteE@se is usually done it two main ways. This depends on what type of domain name you have. For a .com domain: Login to your Dashboard at SiteE@se Choose...

 How much will a website cost me?

It's tempting to respond with "How long is a piece of string?" or "How much does a car cost?" In reality, there are a number of pre-determined factors that influence the cost of designing and developing a website.  Developing a finished...

 How do I disable automatic renewal of a domain?

To prevent a domain name from renewing, you need to: Login to the SiteE@se Client Area. Select 'Domains' from the menu.  Click the spanner to enter the management area for the domain you wish to manage. In the Auto Renew tab, click...