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Is my website data backed up?

All websites and any associated databases are backed up each night to take a 'snapshot' of their data at the time of backup. These snapshots are stored for 30 days, so it is possible for SiteE@se to restore a site to a known state within that period of time.

Where a client requests a restore, perhaps because he or she has accidentally deleted some important data this falls outside of a standard support contract and will be chargeable. An estimate of the cost involved will be provided on request.

Clients should not rely on this as the only method of protecting data. The client hosting Control Panel has a Backup/Restore facility. This allows you to backup files, databases or both and download them to your computer. Restore options include deleting everything and restoring the backup zip file; recreate missing files only, unzipping files to a temporary directory (to allow you to cherry pick files you need) and restore the database. As most data is stored in the database this is likely to be the favourite candidate for restoring.

Before attempting a restore you may wish to discuss the situation and receive advice via a support ticket.

Important: Email data is not backed up as part of the snapshots, although a disaster recovery plan exists in the eventuality of a major data problem

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