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How can I check what visitors I get to my website?

Basic website visitor statistics can be viewed in your client Control Panel. After logging in, go to Logs & Stats and choose either AWStats or Webalizer.

SiteE@se also offers a full website analytics service via Matomo. This has all the important everyday features you will need without having to entrust your data and privacy to Google Analytics, including weekly or monthly reports sent to you in PDF format by email. This service is normally included in new website design commissions. If it is now some years since your website was developed, it is usually possible to include it as an add-on at a very reasonable one-off cost. Please open a support ticket if you would like to discuss this.

Some clients still prefer to use Google Analytics. That's fine. We can help with the setup of this on your website if it has not already been done. In fact, it is possible to use Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics side by side on your website.

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