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Why can't I access the administration part of my website?

Most websites that use a Content Management System (CMS) will have an administrator area for performing important website management tasks. To prevent attempts at malicious activity, SiteE@se deploys a number of security measures to protect the administration area. It would not be appropriate to discuss these in detail on a public support website but an example might be that an error or other message appears after a specified number of failed login attempts. If this happens to you, please open a support ticket and provide the following details:

  1. The website administration url you were using, e.g.
  2. The username and password you were trying to use
  3. The ip address of your pc or device you were using - go to to reveal this
Very rarely a login continuously fails (more than 3 times) without providing an error message. In this instance you should clear or refresh your browser's cache and then try logging in again. The procedure for this varies between browsers. The Refresh Your Cache website provides step by step instruction to do this for all popular browsers.

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