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How do I obtain a .uk domain name?

.uk domain names were introduced in 2014 as a new 'Top level' country specific domain. Until then, most UK companies registered a name and possibly also a .com domain. If you already hold a domain then the .uk equivalent can only be registered by you up until 10th June 2019. After this date it will be available to anyone. If protecting your brand is important to you then SiteE@se recommends that you register the .uk version of your domain prior to this date.

More information on .uk domains is available here.

If you wish to register your reserved .uk equivalent of your current domain, or want to register an available domain + its .uk version, please open a support ticket and provide:

  1. The required domain name(s)
  2. Registrant's name
  3. Registrant's full address, postcode and telephone number
  4. Status of Registrant - Individual, Company, Sole Trader, Partnership, School, Charity.
  5. If applicable, registered company or charity number or school URN
  6. The initial period of registration - usually between 1 and 10 years

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