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How do I control the amount of spam I am receiving?

Junk mail filtering strips out any messages containing spam or viruses before you receive it and is enabled by default on all mailboxes we host. Messages containing a virus are automatically rejected and messages classified as spam will be placed into the "Junk" folder for that mailbox.

If you find that spam is being missed or some messages are wrongly treated as spam you can control the level at which junk mail is filtered for your domain. Note that setting filtering too high may result in some email being incorrectly filtered.

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Go to 'Junk Mail Filters' in the Email section
  3. Set the Filter level to Low, Normal, High or Extreme
  4. Save the Changes
  5. If desired, you can create a 'blacklist' and 'whitelist' by adding rules as explained in the Reject by Sender or Allow by Sender sections.
Special Note:
Junk mail filtering settings currently operate on ALL mailboxes for a domain. Filter settings for individual mailboxes are in development.

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